Monday, September 19, 2011

Facebook Who the F are you and is Andrew Zimmern wrapping it up?

This week's podcast was another "Who the F*ck are you?" Facebook game special. In case you missed the first special, the rules of the game are simple. One person looks at the other person's Facebook friends list, reads some info on that friend (birthplace, marital status, favorite movies, etc.) and then asks the question - who the Fuck are you? If the friend is not called out then that person gets boot from the friends list. That's simple but yet so much fun. In the first episode I saved 5 out of 7 friends. Saved friends: Annmarie Dalton Kote, Larry Ianuzzi, Pete Caballero, Josh Morrison and Johanna Jorgensen. Booted: Charlene Michalkowski Anderson and Jamie Hobbie.

Sir Axman was not so proficient going 0 for 3 losing Some crazy girl from the south with the same last name, Dan Stencel, and Carl Archer.

Take a listen to see how Sir Axman redeemed himself and how we both waxed poetically about our favorite Milf.

One more thing this week...I have a habit of comparing people. For instance, I recently met someone in business and when asked what my impression was of this person my response was I didn't know Gabe Kaplan. Anyway, I want to share one of these observations with you. I recently read a Facebook entry from a friend about a "close call" and a battle with a rabbit. I've had a few of these scare over the course of my adult life and and right away my thoughts go to reliving the situation and feeling the bad, the worse, then the Euphoria when the crisis is averted. This whole thing got me time wrap it up. That's right, just like the song by 80's band The Fabulous Thunderbirds. When looking at this recent video of them, is it me or is the lead singer Andrew Zimmern? Well, that's up to you to decide.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you would like to try your hand at Facebook Who the fuck are you. We would love to have you on the podcast. Slap it, flip it and dip it!

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