Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving, Facebook friends, cougars, ink...etc.

It's been a while since I felt the urge to throw some thoughts out there but I needed to make some space between the ears so for the next couple minutes keep reading all the crap that is going into the brain recycle bin.

First - Thanksgiving, my most hated of all holidays, is upon me and I must celebrate it. Why? Because I have 2 little boys that have been brainwashed my the Hoboken school system that this is a great day. My oldest boy came home talking about the first Indian and blah blah blah...also had a picture he made of a turkey leg with blue pants and an indian headress on with the sentence next to it "I am thankful for me because I am good. Patrick". I have a whole vision of Thanksgiving but as a dad I will not rain on the fun. As long as there is football, grub, and few comforts to ease the pain all will good.

Second - My wife deep sixed her Facebook account. I'm impressed as I think she was addicted to it like I was to another computer program and I know it is difficult to step away. Her reasoning brings me back to one of my posts from over the summer. I was bent out of shape because she was hurt by some friends all getting together and not asking her...over and over. Quick flashback - I went on to explain that only a few of us are blessed enough to have real friends (friends help you move, real friends help you move a body) and yes I am happy to have one of those. Anyway, she dropped Facebook because the holidays are approaching and she didn't want to see all the pictures from the parties that she (we) won't be invited to. Wasn't the only reason, there were lots of folks on her page that she really didn't care about...ya know the facebook friends that you knew another lifetime ago, or that random one nighter when you had that layover flight in Houston, or that guy you had to report to a few jobs ago that you can buy and sell now...etc. etc. Sigh...getting back on track, she is right on with that thought pattern...that's why I love the wife. We think alike. We just don't give a fuck. Pefect pair...don't get me wrong there are people I (we) do care for and about and the people in the inner circle know we are the most loyal of commrades but as far as the rest of the world well you give what you get. I told her over the summer and I'm telling her know the people that mean the most to you so make time for them - it will make you happier in the long run. Hey Axman, if you're reading this - Martinis, cigars, Bobby Flay's steakhouse and some baccarat on Saturday night, can't wait.

Third - I witnessed some big time cougartown stuff a few days ago. Listen, I'm not the moral police but if you are married and my kids know your kid(s), why make it so obvious that you are going to cheat on your significant other with someone half your age. Do what you like by all means but don't make it so obvious where people openly talk about it. It makes you look trashy and that's ok but if your kid finds out then you're just a douche. Get a divorce if you're unhappy but tell the other person of your need to end it before moving on. Trust me,in the long run it will be better for all parties involved.

Fourth - December 10th - getting my full tattoo sleeve worked on by one of the most kick ass ink slingers on the east coast. If you ever wanted some ink go here...I go to Cisco but you can't go wrong with any artist here.

Finally - If you are religeous, spiritual, human, whatever...positive thoughts are needed for mom. She is fighting hard and is in the final rounds and all the positive thoughts, energy, and prayers help. Tell the people closest to you that they are loved and important every day because life is so short.

Till next time...