Monday, June 20, 2011

When can I take my kids to a game?

It's time for some blogging....I'm thinking I will try to post more blogs of smaller length as to not go seasons in between posts.

A quick vent on sports or more specific, NY sports. Anyone who knows me well knows I live for the NY Rangers. For all my pals who hate them, call them the Gaboriks, love the Devils (ugh), Islanders (haha), or Philadelphia (at least you have parking wars) are missing out. An original six team, playing in the greatest city in the world. I know we are terribly run and the ticket prices are going up, AGAIN....but I love them. It's a bitter relationship that hasn't had an all night sex session since '94. On the plus side the Flyers and Islanders have had longer cup draughts than us and the Devils, although they had the success of 3 cups in a short amount of time, play in Newark and have only one true fan. Anyway, back to my ticket prices are going up again. Yes I will pay it, we will be mediocre, I will be upset and the cycle continues. Plus, I can't take my kids. I keep wanting to take Patrick to a game but the language during a game would make a sailor blush. I really want to expose my boys to the game and team I love so much but that day is on hold for now.
I thought about taking them to a Yankee game but you mix $12 beers and NY sports you usually get an out of control crowd. Giants games are no better... Maybe I need to go outside my fan zone. Jets? Newark Bears? Both bad options for different reasons. Maybe it might be time to look at the Mets. The team might be consistently mediocre but your $6 ticket will get you a different kind of bleacher creature.
There is plenty of time for me to expose them to this nonsense that I love so dearly. For the time being I will keep taking them to my other favorite place where the only person cursing is me when my bill arrives when I check out.