Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy New Year

Hey all...

Happy new year! Time to start the year new and make this one better than the last...

New year's resolution #1 - Live for today and try to be happy. I have spent a long time dwelling on the negative and I get into the rut of being the master of melancholy. Life is short so this year I am going to try and have as much fun as my bank account will allow. I booked a vacation in April to celabrate my 40th and I got rooms for my wife and kids, my brother from another mother - the axman, the one and only JV and my pops. Three rooms at Disney's Old Key West resort....the possibilites are endless.

I'm kicking around a few ideas for mancation as well and leaning towards a few trips but I have to talk to ax and set something in stone....whatever it is it will be a blast.

I want to hit some festivals, old stomping grounds, go back to the usual Halloween festivities, still waste many nights sitting in MSG hoping for the electricity that only that building can bring, and anything else I can afford and have fun.

The reason for my attempt to live for today and live to be happy? My mom passed away 40 days ago but I'm not counting. It's put me in such a funk. Her passing has changed me. I can't call her and get comfort, advice, anything. If your mom is alive make sure you try and stay tight with her no matter what. You only get one mom and when she is gone it changes me.

Resoulution #2 - Spend more time with my little group. Friends and family is what life is all about. You know who you are (or you should) and this is the year I make a big effort to see them more. I'm getting an itch for some gaming and over indulgence!

Resolution #3 - Move. Time for a new place. A bigger place. It starts on Sunday with a meeting with Dale.

Resolution #4 - Take care of my back. I hurt it...AGAIN. I plan on continuing my strenuous workouts but I need to maintain a healthy back. Starts tomorrow with an appointment with the best spine doctor around.

Resolution #5 - Be a better dad. I love my 2 boys but I need to put more time into their development. They look at me as the guy that takes them to Disney 3 or 4 times per year, gets them all the video games and toys they want but I want them to form a better bond with me as they get older. I love my dad and he worked multiple jobs and did what he had to do to provide for us and get me what I wanted but we never formed a tight emotional bond. I'm going to try my best to do that with my boys.

Resolution #6 (yes that's right 6...if I make enough of them law of averages say I will succeed in some, right?) - Get more satisfaction out of my job. I need to rejuvinate myself at the office. I'm going to be at my current job for 4 years come March 12th and it's time to recharge the batteries. Like I said in the beginning of this life is too short not to be happy and I need to find a way to get that satisfaction out of my job again. I have come to realize that I'll never have the warm and fuzzy environment that I had at my last place of employment but there are great folks where I am now and good people on my team and I need to reset the game for 2011, adjust to all the changes that I had endured at work in the 2nd half of the year or make drastic changes.

This is the year I start enjoying all aspects of's to 2011.

Be well....and stick to your resolutions!

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